We help identify opportunities to act and bring together scientists, industry experts and other stakeholders to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives. An extensive network of specialized experts gives ScienceHA the comprehensive resources to develop innovative, workable solutions to accomplish anything. The synergy between the ScienceHA team and our exceptional partners is the cornerstone of our success.

ScienceHA is uniquely positioned to transform each project from concept to completion. We’re committed to advancing scientific discovery and innovation through our work with other scientists, government, industry and community in the key areas of life sciences and technology. To discuss your project's needs or for more information about our services please contact us at:

Approach- We design, manage, co-manage and/or perform each project based on client's needs. Our scientific expertise in combination with seamless interaction with a network of experts with broad scientific and technical expertise and our unique approach enable us to efficiently meet our client’s diverse needs, technical demands and challenges. ScienceHA’s network of experts and companies reduce time, project risk, and cost of our client's product development and marketing efforts. ScienceHA perpetually strives to deliver high-quality product development and marketing support to its clients and partners. We work with experts to accelerate the transition of inventions to viable businesses and innovations.

  • Science-Business Advisory

    Perform comprehensive scientific review of the company’s technology and provide science-based business foresight to institutional and private investors.

  • Oncology & Genetic Research

    Provide expert support to programs that help improve diagnostic and prognostic clinical test development.

  • Marketing & Promotion

    Help develop slide decks and promotional materials and support marketing and promotion in the emerging market.

  • Business Development

    Assist you with business projects like feasibility studies or investment attraction strategies or help you connect to a wide network of business leaders committed to creating and thriving rural economies.

  • Educational Programs

    Design and develop new courses and educational programs for universities, colleges, hospitals and other organizations.

  • Program Design & Management

    Provide research program support, design and coordinate proposal and funding applications.

  • Strategic Planning

    Help when you need develop strategies for your initiatives and turning your vision to reality or update or revisit an existing plan.

  • Partnership Development

    Facilitate collaboration & partnership between hospitals, research institutes, universities and industry and startups.