ScienceHA collaborates with the burgeoning group of talented scientists, statistician, software developer and marketing experts around the world to bring your product to the market. We team with both individual experts and companies ranging from small startups to some of the largest companies to create competitive advantage for our clients and collaborators.

At ScienceHA we lead transformational global sourcing initiatives that are aligned with ScienceHA's goals to foster innovation, productivity, reduce the cost of project and create competitive advantage. We work with procurement and functional experts to coordinate technical evaluations and due diligence for outsourcing opportunities, develop the business case and benchmark the productivity of outsourced activities. ScienceHA is committed to maintain high ethical standards and demand integrity in its dealings with customers, partners and collaborators.

  • Sima Salahshor, BSc, MSc, PhD, PMP

    Director & Consultant
    Dr. Salahshor holds a Bachelor degree in Clinical Chemistry, a Master in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Medical Genetics from Karolinska Institute, Sweden and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). She has extensive experience in the area of cancer biology and oncology research and has published numerous pre-reviewed articles in the areas of clinical and translational cancer research.  In her role, she designs, coordinates and manages scientific and technical projects and products in partnership and collaboration with other experts, scientists and private companies in a wide range of business activities from the conception of a product or program to its development, re-invention and marketing.

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