ScienceHA is scientific and business consulting and project management firm that explores emerging areas of science and business and help manage, develop and market novel technologies and healthcare related products and programs. ScienceHA offers support to research teams, organizations or companies with different interests and needs to gain insights into their own and markets' needs, and discover more innovative ways to accomplish their goals. 


  • Life Sciences

    Support your product development and marketing in the areas of oncology, diagnostic/prognostic tests development, genetic tests, drug screening and selection and medical devices development and marketing.

  • Project Management

    Help design, develop and coordinate new or ongoing research & development projects or programs.

  • Educational Programs

    Develop educational programs and courses are designed based on client’s needs. We help design and develop new courses and educational programs for universities, colleges, hospitals and other organizations.

  • Portfolio Advisory Services

    Perform comprehensive scientific review of the company’s technology and provide science-based business foresight to institutional and private investors.

  • Life

    ScienceHA-Life is a research and development entity with main focus on health and life sciences related technologies and programs. ScienceHA-Life provides support to its clients, partners and collaborators in a wide range of business activities from the conception of a product to its development, re-invention and marketing.

    We provide a broad set of services to clinicians-, PhD-scientists, government, pharmaceutical companies to promote and protect the public's health.

  • Tech

    ScienceHA-Tech focuses on alignment of business and technology. We provide strategic consulting from the initial stage of planning technology investment and acquiring funding, patenting, prototyping to building partnership and marketing the product.

    ScienceHA-Tech’s main interest is new and improved technologies and solutions that fill unmet market's needs